Social Media Harm

Social Media has permeated every-day life and for some has become a full-blown addiction. Hackers know that the best way to gain access to your organization is by tricking your employees into downloading malicious code, thereby allowing them to gain access to your internal networks. One of the most common ways this happens is through links on social media. Netsolus can help you manage social media by giving you granular control over site access. For example, you can blacklist sites or you can make them available only during certain times of the day. We can provide you with metrics that show how many sites are being visited and how much time employees are wasting surfing the web for non-work related content. Everyone knows this is a difficult issue and many employers want to allow employees to access websites that are not related to work activiites. Netsolus can help you gain the business intelligence insights that will provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about how to deal with social media in the workplace.

HR Risks

Imagine a workplace situation where an employee exposes other workers to pronographic or violent online imagery. You might be open to a potential lawsuit for allowing this to happen in your office. The last thing a business owner wants to deal with is a lawsuit. The best way to ensure your employees are not creating bad outcomes or jeopardizing your business from visiting harmful websites is to stop this before it ever begins. Netsolus can help you secure your internet access so that harmful content will not make its way into your office environment. Your employees cannot be exposed to harmful internet content if it is stopped at the firewall level. We can help you create rules that will stop bad behavior before it begins and we can provide metrics that inform you when people try to visit risky sites that put your business in harms way. Don't wait for a catastrophe befopre you adopt new policies, let Netsolus show you how to design a network that is invulnerable to these kinds of issues.

Keeping You Safe

Whether you are located on a coast, in a rural town, or right here in the Heartland, your data is critical to the operation of your business. Netsolus knows how to protect your IT assets against threats. We are masters at mitigating DDoS attacks as well as providing a framework for rapid respooling of critical IT resources should your on-prem or otherwise cloud-hosted primary systems fail. We operate a SOC-II compliant datacenter so we also know a thing or two about physical security, surveillance, and what it takes to manage a 24x7x365 secure location. When you migrate your hardware into the Netsolus datacenter you are positioning your infrastructure behind multiple layers of security. Your data is worth more than gold and we treat it as such. Contact us to find out more about how to secure your IT resources against both natural and unnatural disasters.

Invest in Crypto-Currencies, Don't Bribe with Them.

There is nothing worse than coming to work to realize that your system has been hijaked by hackers who are now asking you to pay a ransom. Once this happens you have little to no recourse and if you refuse to pay the ransom your business is likely to close down. Netsolus knows how to stop hackers in thier tracks. Our backup+recovery and intrusion-detection systems are designed to thwart the efforts of the most notorious hacker ransomware schemes and we have real world experience saving clients from the reputation-destroying affects of being held hostage. Bad things can happen even in the most security-minded operations; Netsolus ensures that you can recover from such attacks without so much as a noticeable workflow stoppage. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn about these and other emerging threats to your organization and how Netsolus can stop them.