Managed Services Provider

Netsolus is responsive to the needs of business. Our $135 MSP offering includes:

1) New computer + two monitors (w/ configurations specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile or in-house workers);

2) New VOIP phone with call routing, forwarding, and messaging capabilities;

3) Managed Anti-Virus and software patching w/ intelligent scheduling;

4) Newest versions of Windows and all Office products;

5) All the latest features of Zimbra tailored for your organizational needs;

6) Dropbox clone secure collaborative file sync and share platform;

7) Firewalls, WiFi access points, switches and related networking gear.

Netsolus understands what your business needs to thrive. Contact us today for a risk-free no-cost consulation.

New Computer + Monitors

Netsolus knows that hardware is the backbone of business. As such we have worked with OEMs to develop best-in-class solutions that are guaranteed to meet or exceed the needs of your employees.

For in-office users our two-monitor desktop solution includes two 24" class monitors, wireless mouse and keyboard, all powered by an INTEL NUC. This computer is effectively noiseless and uses less than 50 watts of electricity when running at 100% CPU. Also, the NUC has a very small form factor, allowing your office to go from cluttered to elegant. No more bulky, noisy desktops!

For mobile users we offer the latest Lenovo notebooks with a docking station and two monitors so you can go from your office to a remote location without losing access to your local machine.  



New VOIP Phones + Configuration

Making sure phone calls are routed correctly and that your employees are notified when they receive a voicemail is critical to ensuring that your business is hyper-responsive to your clients. Netsolus will ensure calls are routed to the correct personnel and when employees are not available or go on vacation that calls are re-routed so your business never misses an opportunity. Our VOIP offering includes best-in-class phones from POLYCOM controlled via software that we maintain. We are experts at managing your phones which frees you up to focus on pursuing your business objectives. 

Managed Anti-Virus + Patching

We live in a constantly evolving threat environment where new viruses are being released daily. We realize that businesses want to focus on core competencies and do not have time to become experts at mitigating the risks associated with IT. Netsolus understands that security is not one-dimensional and therefore we integrate solutions at all levels of your IT. This begins with solid Anti-Virus. We have partnered with Webroot to deploy industry-best software to monitor for threats in your IT ecosystem. Should an accident occur and a virus get loaded onto one of your employee devices our AV system will detect this treat and isolate the malicious code while simultaneously allowing your employee to remain productive.

One of the greatest risks to business is failing to maintain secure software via regular patching. Software updates are time-consuming and if scheduled incorrectly can lead to long periods of downtime for your workforce. Netsolus knows how to manage patching so that it is minially intrusive. We tailor a solution to work within the timeframes that are best suited to your workflows so that your employees are never idled while updates run. We manage your IT so that you can focus on managing your business.  


Newest Versions of Windows + Office

As a Microsoft Partner we manage all aspects of your Microsoft environment. We make sure that you have the latest upgrades and updates and that you are always secure.You will never need to worry about licenses or renewals because we take care of those issues for you. You can remained focused on your core business objectives while we take care of the extraneous details.

ZIMBRA E-mail + Collaboration

Netsolus offers the latest in cutting edge e-mail management with ZIMBRA, a full-featured collaboration suite that supports e-mail, group calendars, and document sharing. Access your mail from any computer via our webmail portal. Zimbra also integrates with any mobile device allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are. 

Dropbox Clone

Netsolus Dropbox Clone is hosted exclusively in our own private cloud so you can rest assured that your data is fully secured. Our system ensures that even when you are traveling you can access your files through your Android or iOS devices. You can automatically upload pictures after taking them, sync files at home or work with the desktop client, and keep one or more local folders synchronized between devices. And wherever you are, the web interface lets you view, share and edit your files alone or in conjunction with others. You can also trace activities and get notified of new shares and other important events. As with everything we do, all data transfers are highly secure. We focus on setting up the solution so you can be maximally productive with your time.

Firewalls, WiFi Access Points, Switch Gear

Your business relies on connectivity. Netsolus has partnered with industry-leader FORTINET to offer the absolute best in firewalls and secure wireless access points. A firewall is useless if it is not configured correctly, so Netsolus also provides support for SDWAN, DMZs, whitelisting and blacklisting, and VPNs. We can also identify and mitigate DDoS attacks and can drop traffic before it hits your network if it is sourced from known or identified bad actors. We also provide spam filtering for e-mail and can restrict outbound internet access based on content types down to the individual site level. Netsolus knows how to fit all the pieces together so that your organization runs at maximum efficiency with minimum expense.