Microsoft Office / OS


Netsolus can provide Microsoft 10 Operating System Licenses, as well as Licenses for the entire Microsoft 365 Suite. We are equipped to help with setting up your entire office and have years of experience with deployment and transitioning unfamiliar workforces onto Microsoft 365 Applications. 



Virtual Machines

Veeam is a leading producer in the realm of virtual machines. If you need a virtually inexhaustible arsenal of processing power, virtual machines could be the answer. Not only does Veeam provide industry-leading solutions for Backups and Disaster Recovery, but they can also equip your entire office with virtual machines--meaning you can scale processing power, data storage, and even the amount of computers you're renting at the flip of a switch. 


When it comes to securing your digital infrastructure--and your data--there are few options better than Fortinet. Everything from WLANs, to Endpoint Protection, to DDoS defense, to Private/Public Cloud security, Fortinet can provide. We've worked with their products for over a decade, and incorporating their systems have helped us to become specialists in network and infrastructure security. 

Citrix CSP

Citrix is a virtualization, cloud computing, and networking software company. Citrix is our main provider for VDI technology. 



ixSystems is a hardware producer that focuses on data-storage. As a multi-faceted company that is a datacenter as well as services-provider, Netsolus has many clients that rely on us for a secure, accessible, and optimized storage vault. IxSystems helps us to keep a neverending supply of terabytes on hand for our clients' data to live on. As a reseller of ixSystem gear we can provide more competitive pricing with more functionality. 

SuperMicro Blades

Supermicro provides customers around the world with application-optimized server, workstation, blade, storage and GPU systems. 

Intel NUC

Known for their processors, Intel has been in the forefront of computing hardware for many years now. While their expertise in creating components is virtually unmatched, we have recently turned to Intel for