What is IaaS?

Every business relies on applications hosted on hardware. The hardware includes servers, storage and networking gear plus any backup and recovery components. Netsolus, via our network of Datacenters, will convert your IT closet into a cloud-accessible application delivery platform that is secure, backed up and disaster-proofed. We incorporate bleeding-edge technology such as SDWAN to allow business owners to maintain granular control over access and we automate your backup and patching so as to minimize workflow disruptions while maintaining maximum security. Business owners can also spool up VM resources on the fly to meet changing demand thereby allowing your workers to remain productive as your business scales. Netsolus engineers are on call 24-7-365 to ensure that your business resources will always be available to your workforce.  


19 Years of IT Management Experience

Many of our clients were told that they needed to move to the "Cloud." However, what they discovered is that they really need a technology partner who can:

1) Manage the migration from on-prem to cloud;

2) Manage resource access via SDWAN or related technology;  

3) Manage software upgrades, patching and performance monitoring;

4) Manage scheduled backups, including replication and disaster recovery;

5) Manage firewall configuration, including whitelisting and blacklisting;

6) Manage growth of resource pools / VMs to meet fluctuating demand.

Netsolus is your partner in managing Cloud. Whether it be private, public or hybrid configurations we will work with you to design the best system to meet your particular business needs. Cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution and to benefit you need a team who understands how to maximize performance while reducing cost and complexity. Netsolus IS that team.


In a modern work-environment a secure wireless network with multiple end-points is a necessity. If you have employees that travel or work outside of the office you'll need a security-focused network solution that allows flexibility without creating vulnerabilities. Netsolus can connect you to Fiber ISPs or route you through our own Fiber; we provide our clients with fast, reliable and scalable networks that can be engineered to include failover. Not only do we guarantee lightning-fast connections we also manage the deployment of multi-factor security to harden your network against unauthorized access and/or hackers who seek to steal your valuable client and financial data. As leading industry experts in network security we use state of the art gateways and Fortinet technology to insulate your business from security threats, security breaches and data leaks.

Make Your I.T. Work for You

With Netsolus' Infrastructure as a Service, we offer you an entire I.T. Suite at a competitive monthly price. Not only will you always have a brand new infrastructure, planned, deployed, and maintained from the ground up, but you'll also have a team of professionals at your beck and call. Every minute of the day, you can call and Netsolus will answer.