Data Center - Netsolus
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Data Center

Netsolus Datacenter Philosophy

When we built our data center, we didn’t start with server racks and miles of cables. We started with a flowchart. What happens if the city has a blackout? How do we make state-of-the-art our standard? How can we do this better than anyone else?

Of course our technology is top-notch. We built on converging hubs for electricity and fiber networks in Pheonix and Kansas City. This means an incredibly stable and cost-effective foundation for us to maintain our 2N design with Tier IV reliability. It’s everything else we continue to do that makes us different.

SOC Type II and HIPAA Compliant Secure Data Center

Given the infrastructure of our primary assets, our advantageous climatological (Mid US) address, and our strategic location in two of the lowest cost electricity markets in the United States, Netsolus believes we possess the most cost-effective and desirable network of data center and collocation services in the Midwest at a significantly lower capital cost than a typical data center greenfield project.

The Netsolus network consists of of 2 inter-connected data centers, offering a complete line of Tier types and services to match any client’s needs. Businesses seeking a way to lower their costs and utilize data center services will find complete flexibility at Netsolus: pricing, location(s), power, network connectivity, and storage options that combine to create a unique and custom solution for our customers’ particular business needs.

Through the integration of our locations and a strategic alliance with American Fiber and Unite Fiber, which allows full access to their dark rings, the company will create a virtual Tier IV data center with the ability to offer the entire spectrum of Customer Tier Support.

This design would make connectivity to any Netsolus datacenter a N+1 design with the ability to offer clients Tier III reliability — a solution achieved by collocating equipment using any combination of our numerous facilities.