Need to monitor the productivity of your business? Netsolus provides a real-time solution that keeps you informed on all the activities taking place within your organization such as the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are used to provide assurance and visibility of activity and performance.

Always stay informed by allowing us to custom tailor a monitoring solution that will catch all of the necessary data and provide relevant information that you can count on. All in a nice dashboard that is easy to read.


Retain visibility at all times with our real-time solutions. Our monitoring system can be tuned to report data at intervals that fit your needs, down to the minute.

Results that Matter

Rest assured that our custom monitoring solutions provide results on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that your Business needs. We setup our product from scratch and customize it to ensure that all data points are being met correctly.

Productivity and Efficiency

Always be sure your employees and systems are operating at peak efficiency in order to keep productivity at a maximum. We can tune our monitoring solutions to report statistics for your employees our systems.


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