IT as a Service

One of the struggles companies currently face is the rising costs of hardware, and the associated cost of administration.

How would you address IT infrastructure needs if you could lease everything needed to keep your company growing?

Netsolus can create a comprehensive, scalable package that will allow your organization to focus on your business objectives.


Managed Endpoint Infrastructure

Our managed endpoints include a custom built desktop, or enterprise grade laptop; both with dual monitor displays.

  • Quick Specs:
    • Intel i5 or comparable mid-range processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • 250GB SSD
      • *All hardware is upgradeable depending on your specific needs
  • What is included:
    • Managed workstation, and laptop endpoints come standard with:
    • Microsoft Windows Operating system
    • Microsoft Office
    • Managed antivirus, and patch management
    • Basic administration.
    • Netsolus can provide extra software depending on your specific needs.
  • Optional features:
    • Mobile Devices – As another endpoint option, we offer iPad or comparable android tablets, also fully managed.
    • Cloud based application distribution – If your organization utilizes software centrally located within your internal infrastructure, Netsolus can publish these applications to the web so that remote users can access these applications as they would at the office.

Managed Server Infrastructure

Whether your Company needs a Single Physical server at your office, or an entire domain of virtual Servers hosted off site, Netsolus can help create a solution that fits your needs.
We also offer several options for small businesses that increase resilience to domain level server failure.

  • What is included
    • Requested operating system(Any distribution of Linux, Windows, or virtual hypervisor)
    • Basic administration
    • Managed antivirus, and patch management
  • Optional features:
    • 24 x 7 Monitoring
    • Custom software installation
    • Hosted domain environment to provide external domain controller, DNS, or DHCP as failover resource of for your environment.

Managed Firewall Service

As a Fortinet partner, we are proud to utilize the award wining line of Fortigate UTM Firewalls.
Netsolus offers a Comprehensive managed firewall service including:

  • Network and threat analysis
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Data Loss Provention
  • Remote connectivity via VPN
  • Much, much more.

Managed Switch Infrastructure

Whether you have a small office needing internal interconnectivty, or an enterprise environment running on a multi-tiered network,
Netsolus can assist in creating an effective solution.
Utilizing Brocade line of managed switch gear, we can design and implement a solution for:

  • VoIP
  • PoE
  • SAN
  • DMZ
  • Data management networks.