Data Center Peering and Internet

We believe that a great network is about peering -— not raw bandwidth. That is why we have chosen to interconnect and peer with as many networks as possible. Our final goal is < 35 ms to anywhere in the world. We are proud to say we are close, but as the nature of the Internet changes, so will our need to increase our peering and transit interconnects.

To achieve this goal for our clients, we sample the ASN numbers that traffic is being requested from and sent to through our network. Based on this sampling, we try and buy transit or arrange peering with those ASN owners. This translates to less latency.

For all of our transit and peering arrangements, we use at least 100Mbit Ethernet. In addition, each arrangement is brought in on its own Juniper Edge Router, which is linked to our full BGP mesh core. This creates an extremely scalable and solid IP service platform for our clients.

Because of this, we are the only service provider in the midwest that tailors our network peering and transit to our clients’ needs on a nearly continuous basis.


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