Object Storage

We provide object storage via Ceph and RADOS. Ceph is a network storage protocol with POSIX semantics and distributed data management. You can access the Ceph object store with a number of clients including but not limited to Amazon S3 Clients and FUSE. Ceph can be mixed and matched to provide different sets of features depending on your organization’s requirements. Ceph uses RADOS (Reliable, Autonomic Distrubuted Object Store) for object storage.

Reliable, Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS) was developed as part of the Ceph Distributed file system and coupled with Ceph provides the following features:

Data Replication

Ceph can be utilized over WAN to provide data replication across a multitude of nodes. This means serving your data from a reliable location is now easier than ever!

Failure Detection

Ceph provides multiple levels of failure detection which means minimal to no downtime. The Object Storage Daemon (OSD) monitors the Ceph system down to the individual drive level, and reports this data to our engineers in real time.

Data migration

Ceph can be easily utilized to migrate data from node to node, to ensure your data is accessible from a location that works well with your infrastructure.

Failure Recovery

Ceph’s monitoring service is designed to provide failure alerts long before an issue affects data integrity. This means you can rest assured that your organization’s data is 100% safe.

High-performance,Reliability, and Scalability

Ceph is a high performance enterprise-grade solution that provides excellent performance, reliability and scalability by maximizing the separation between data and metadata management. It does so by replacing allocation tables with a pseudo-random data distribution function (Known as CRUSH) that is designed for dynamic clusters of of unreliable OSDs (Object Storage Devices).