Managed Network Security

Who we are:

Netsolus is a Kansas City based IT management company, staffed locally, with 15+ years of experience in IT management including Network, and Infrastructure Security.

As part of our datacenter management infrastructure, we operate a 24x7x365 NOC with tier 2/3 escalation.

At Netsolus we understand the growing security risks that companies face on a daily basis. Your staff spends countless hours using web based applications at the office, and mobile to keep your business growing. With every technological advance, more tools become available to those attempting to compromise your confidential data.
What effect will the next cyber attack have on your organization?

What we offer:

Netsolus is a Fortinet partner, specializing in the deployment and management of next generation, Unified Threat Management(UTM) sevices. Whether you have a small company, or are operating in a full scale enterprise environment, we can help you create a scalable solution that fits your needs.

Managed Firewall Service

Our Managed Firewall Services package offers many key benefits:

Time & Cost Savings
Many existing infrastructures utilize individual security appliances to create a complete solution. For companies without a dedicated security team, IT staff members tend to find themselves looking for extra hours in the day. By reducing the complexity of the environment and persuing a managed solution, your business will enjoy substantial savings in time, and support contracts alone.

Unified Threat Management

Fully or partially managed, Unified Threat Management puts all of the tools in one place to monitor traffic, and endpoints, as well as make efficient changes to the infrastructure.

Advanced Security options

Many options are available for implementation depending on the specific needs of your environment.

Comprehensive policy creation and deployment

Network Traffic and Threat Analysis

Create guidelines for allowed / blocked traffic, based on web filtering categorization and global blacklist.

Data Loss Prevention

Ensure that your data is not being deliberately, or accidentally released from your network.

Network Access Control

Create specific Access Control Lists for internal, and DMZ networks based on MAC filtering.

Virtual Private Network / Two-Factor Authentication

Give staff members, contractors, or clients the ability to work remotely, and ensure secure authentication.

Intrusion Prevention

Fully customizable hybrid NIP solution using both Signature-Based, and Statistical Anamoly-Based detection.

Endpoint monitoring and logging

All managed firewalls report to a central logging portal where all traffic is analyzed and reported per predefined escalation policy.


Hardware Costs

With our Managed Firewall Service, all hardware and associated system administration is included. That means you do not have to worry about firmware updates, configuration backups, or support contracts.


Pricing for our Fully Managed Firewall Solution is determined by business size, type, and complexity. For further information please contact us to set up a consultation today!